Humber c. 1886

Humber was one of the most renown makers of bicycles in Britain. The name was (and is) a legend. This makes it so strange, that we rarely see Humber ordinaries or sfeties. I mean: bikes that are 100% sure made by Humber.
I know a few, there are several on this webite, but what makes those bikes a Humber? Normally the fact that the owners say it's a Humber. But even in the 1890's journalists wrote about a 'Humber' when they meant a diamond frame safety with straight saddle tube. Humber was the fist to build this model.
There seems to be no clue about serial numbers, and then there's the problem the bikes with the name Humber were made in Britain, France and the USA. In the UK only there were two firms using the name...

This fully nickled ordinary in the Velorama museum is for sure a Humber, and it's a beauty.
Look at the details. They may help you identify other Humbers.